Procedural Sedation Course – Saturday, June 4, 2022


Full Day CME Course

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Sedation management is a critical skill in emergency medicine.  Performed well, it enhances patient comfort and allows painful procedures to be accomplished quickly and safely.  The Procedural Sedation course covers all aspects of sedation, from quickly controlling the acutely agitated patient to administering moderate (conscious) and deep sedation.  Based on producing decades of published sedation literature and firsthand clinical experience, participants will learn how to simply and safely sedate all patients from pediatric to geriatric, using a variety of agents including Propofol, Ketamine, Etomidate, and more.  Taught by nationally recognized faculty, this course was specifically designed to allow MDs, NPs, PAs, and other healthcare providers of any experience level to move beyond Versed and Fentanyl to provide evidence-based sedation management.

Topics covered in the Procedural Sedation course and lab sessions include:

    • Learn basic concepts and advanced applications of procedural sedation
    • Details of sedating healthy patients as well as critically ill patients
    • Pearls of sedation for both adult and pediatric patients
    • Learn how to prepare for and prevent complications
    • Hands-on sedation practice with live-model simulation cases

Saturday, June 4, 2022 – Location to be determined. 

Course Fee:
Fee includes tuition, materials, food, refreshments and course certificate.

Special Needs:
Please advise us of any special needs that you may have regarding access, diet, etc.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Contact Person: Jean Tersteeg, 612-873-2033 or Contact Us Online